1. This is a photoset

    Stephen Colbert on Oreo’s “Gay” Cookie Agenda

    (via lgbtlaughs)

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  2. This is a chat

    • Me: I am pleased. I get to involve the safeword "I'm a Republican" in what I'm writing.
    • Luise: Hahahahaha!
    • Me: Best fucking safeword ever.
    • Luise: Jon Stewart approves.
    • Me: Does he now.
    • Luise: Whoa. I think we just figured out his safeword with Colbert.
    • Me: But Colbert IS a Republican. I do ship them. And I ship Stewart/Colbert/Rick Mercer too.
    • Luise: Wow. That. Wow. Mind blown.
    • Me: Snarkiest threesome ever. They'd fuck in suits on top of a news desk. And the world will shit itself laughing.
    • Luise: YES. Pahahaha!
    • Me: Glad to be of service. I am merely a conduit for the porn gods.
    • Luise: So modest.
    • Me: I've been sacrificing at that dildo-centerpieced and leather-draped altar since the age of 13. Not once have I regretted my faith choices.
    • Luise: And I will support you til the rhinestone-studded end.

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  3. This is a photoset

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  4. This is a photo

"Now I can throw away my previous solution: shaving with a box cutter duct-taped to a Glade Plug-in."
—Stephen Colbert, on scented razors

    "Now I can throw away my previous solution: shaving with a box cutter duct-taped to a Glade Plug-in."

    —Stephen Colbert, on scented razors

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  5. This is mostly text

    Day 9 - What do you think about LGBT Pride? Is it helpful or hurtful? Encouraged or unnecessary?

    (This is Rick Mercer at Toronto’s Pride Parade. He’s openly gay and married to his show’s producer. For all of you Americans out there, think of him like Canada’s Stephen Colbert. I love both shows to death.)

    It’s helpful, definitely. What harm is there in celebrating it?

    There are religious celebrations. There are national celebrations. We have pointless holidays that we don’t even give a fuck about anymore. (Victoria Day’s on Monday. To celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. We haven’t had a monarchy in Canada since the country was fucking founded.)

    I’d say that LGBT Pride is a hell of a lot more important than a lot of things we do actually celebrate.

    If you’re gay, or you’re transgender, or anything else in that big huge crazy acronym, then it’s something that you’re thinking about every single day—without exception. From the clothes you choose to wear to the person you choose to have a relationship with. (For asexuals, perhaps your choice not to have a relationship.) Being gay is a part of yourself, and fuck, you should be happy about it!

    If you’re a flaming drag queen, that’s fine. And if people look at you in shocked disbelief when you tell them that you’re gay, that’s perfectly fine too. Whatever you are, you should be damned proud of it.

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  6. This is mostly text

    The good news: I’m not sleeping in until noon today.

    The bad news: This is because my inhaler ran out and there is no allergy medication in the house. It’s 6:30am. I went to bed 2 hours ago. Goddamnit.

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